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I am Hervine a singular and creative mind with UX as a leitmotiv. Starting from the brand design, to the production management and feedback, by way of the product design and the project management, I guide you in all your creative challenges.

Tailored to your needs
Close partnership
Committed and responsive support for your board game projects. Services in line with your way of working and thought out to develop, together, the best of your games.
A specific and efficient service offer, but above all flexible. For a project with short deadlines or for a long term support, the services and their follow-up are adapted to your needs.
A singular mind mobilized for your projects. With a wide range of specialties including ergonomics, illustration, project management and experience design, you can be sure to stand out from the crowd while maintaining your consistency.
Adaptée à vos projets
Specific needs
Do you have an unusual challenge but need expertise in the bord game industry? That's what drives me!
As part of its launch, Tribuo, a new board game distributor by Blue Orange, needed an e-commerce application fully customized for the specific needs of the French board game shops. From the specifications, I designed the entire user experience, the structure and the interface of the application. The development was entrusted to Owlie studio.
(Very) short deadlines
The deadlines are very short and you are not sure to receive your samples for Essen? I'm not afraid of that at all!
For the realization of Paquet de Chips, two weeks passed between the reception of the source files and its readaptation in more French colors. Art direction, illustrations, graphics... Only the components had to remain the same.
This has become my specialty since 61 Feuilles d'Automne was illustrated, laid out and photographed in 4 days after receiving the rules of the game, and Battle Fries was done in 3 days after receiving the illustrations (graphics, editing, proofreading).
Long-term involvement
Going fast is good, but taking the time to do things the right way is better! Some projects require a more in-depth follow-up and support at each stage of the game's development.
I made the official board games for the Dubai 2020 World Expo. From the tender to the finished products, the project took more than 3 years in order to meet with precision the very strict and exhaustive specifications of the event.
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A broad and complementary expertise to cover all your needs.
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