Mokoïe, Kitty, Pasha, Maya, and Looping are five special cats. For a Secret Santa, I had to make a gift for Sandrine, their lovely owner. I choose to draw them to create a unique version of the board game Okiya, now becoming Okicat.
Kitty is a rebellious female. When she gets mad she looks like a Gremlins!
Mokoïe is an endearing female who was bottle-fed when she was only one month old.
Pasha is the king of the house. At only one and a half years old he weighed already 10kg!
Looping is a calm male. He loves to be cradled in the sheets when the laundry is folded.
Maya is a speed female. She talks too much and loves to cuddle.
- December 2020 -
Game :
Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign
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