Hervine is my first name, my artist's name, the name of my company... It's all me.
I'm from Brittany and Auvergne, which makes for a very creative mix: I can't stop thinking up crazy things at all hours of the day and night. At the same time, why would I want to stop?
With the user experience as my leitmotiv, I always start with the needs of each individual to best support you in your projects. My values start with respect and complementarity, which I serve through communication and organizational skills.
I love projects, I love your projects, and I can't wait to discuss them with you at a trade show, on the web or even by video!
Background and training
For many artists, it's during childhood that the encounter with pencils takes shape and the passion is born. I was no exception to this famous ritual! Felts, brushes, hammers, needles... I love tinkering, exploring, experimenting and discovering! I decided to follow this path in high school, when I took a Sciences et Technologies du Design et des Arts Appliqués (STD2A) baccalaureate at the École Boulle. Seduced by working with materials and the desire to solve problems, I continued my training with a master's degree in Product Design and Innovation at Créapôle. It was just before finishing my studies, during my end-of-year internship, that I came across board games.
In Lorraine, at Blue Orange, I discovered a passion for games, and it didn't take long for me to become a seasoned gamer. From graphic and product designer, I progressed to art director and UX designer. After 4 years with les oranges bleues, and wanting to see more and more, I took flight and set up my own business at the end of February 2022. Since then, I've been helping publishers, distributors, stores and other players in the world of games with their creative projects.
In 2023, with two friends, I set up Roquette Lab, a service studio for board game publishers. The aim is to be able to work as a team on complex projects, and to extend my range of services to include application and website development, as well as the creation of dedicated digital services and experiences.
I'm inspired by everything and anything! I like to observe details, the fall of light, textures and materials... In the work of my fellow artists, in natural environments, by combining two elements that had nothing to do with each other... I constantly need to stimulate my eye and I have several techniques to compensate for this: reading comics, taking walks, social networks drowning in the accounts of artists I admire, films, animation... Once it's all simmered down, let's get to work!
What I love most of all is working with color. Very early on, I wondered why everyone dresses in grey in winter. Since then, I've wanted to bring light into every little thing in everyday life, from the most positive to the most boring. The trick is to know which colors to use for which subject, and how to combine them, while keeping in mind the general environment, the light, the nuances, without it being too bright and explosive for the eyes...
On the web
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