Working together
What kind of projects do you work on?
I'll work with you on almost any project to help you develop your board game and its communication. As soon as the agreement between author and publisher is signed, I work with you to design the game's universe: what it's about, what it should convey, the form the material should take, the choice of illustrators... Then, during the game's development, I'm involved in various aspects: I direct the illustrators, I edit the production files, I develop prototypes... And finally, when the game is released, I help you build its communication: photos, creative campaigns, digital or physical, stand, animation in fairs and festivals...
How much does it cost?
Every project has its own budget! A quick project will take me less time than one with more than a year's worth of follow-up work... Each quote is studied according to the time required, and your wallet! My aim is always the same: to help you develop your project in the best possible conditions - for you and for me.
Are you available to work together?
Yes, well... it depends. My schedule isn't always homogeneous, which is why in 2022 I created Roquette Lab, a service studio for board game publishers. This way, I can work with a top-quality team so that I'm always available when you need me!
Do you work on long-term projects?
Yes, for long-term projects, a face-to-face meeting is always recommended, so that I can get a good idea of your needs and best estimate how much time I'll need to work on them.
Do you work on short-term projects?
Yes, for short, quick projects, you can contact me by email or book a time to meet. If it's our first project together, I recommend a video, so that I can adapt to your workflow and not disrupt your schedule.
I've got an emergency! What can I do?
For projects with a deadline of less than 48 hours, working days, or that disrupt my schedule (other committed projects, vacations, personal time), it's always possible to contact me to assess feasibility. For this type of case, which is quite rare, an emergency rate is applied.
Art direction
What is art direction?
Designing a game's art direction means defining its universe, its style, its overall aesthetic. This includes the choice of colors, illustrations (and illustrators), graphics, components, layout... The aim is to create total immersion, immersing players in the atmosphere and story provoked by the game. The challenge is to create a unique experience that serves the game's mechanics.
What's the difference with graphic design?
Art direction defines the overall aesthetic of the game: visual style, color palette, immersion... Graphic design concentrates on creating the individual visual elements and carries out the layout of the game's various media and its communication... In other words, art direction guides the overall visual aspect of the game and graphic designers apply its directives.
Do you design logos?
Yes, but you can't do that in a week! It takes a long time to create a logo that's 100% relevant to your activity (store, publishing, other...). It requires several stages of work and research, and this work must be spread out over time to remain relevant. The first idea is never the right one! By sticking to your first intuition, you run the risk of coming up with a "one-size-fits-all" idea that won't stand out.
What's the difference between a logo and a graphic identity?
A logo is the graphic representation used to identify an entity. It generally consists of a pictogram and the brand name. The graphic identity (or graphic charter) is a set of visual elements (colors, typography, motifs, illustrations, icons, styles, templates...) accompanied by their guidelines. It defines visual consistency and reinforces recognition of the entity by creating a unified visual experience across all its communication media.
In short, the logo is the central, distinctive graphic element, while the graphic identity is the set of visual guidelines that ensure consistency and harmonious use of all visual media.
What tools do you use?
It depends on my mood at the time and on the project! For digital illustrations, I work on Procreate, Photoshop and Illustrator. For traditional illustrations, I use a variety of tools: colored pencils, poscas, gouache, acrylics, watercolors... I like to experiment in a thousand and one ways!
Do you accept commissions?
Yes, you're a professional and would like to see my style on one of your projects? If you're an individual and would like a portrait of yourself, a gift for a loved one, a tattoo or any other crazy, creative idea... Contact me to discuss it!
How much does an illustration cost?
It depends on a number of factors: working time, complexity, format, level of detail, scope of the project... The best thing is to contact me so we can discuss the subject.
Do you do book signings?
Yes, I'm regularly present at the biggest board game festivals and trade shows. To find out when I'll be signing, check out our social networks! And if you see me in the aisles, don't hesitate to wave: I love doodling!
Do you have an online store?
No! At the moment, I don't have a store to sell prints of my illustrations or creations. But maybe I will in the future! If you have any ideas, please let me know! If there's demand, I'll probably speed things up!
What tools do you work with?
I work with many tools and know almost all the most common DTP software. Among my habits, I've been using the entire Adobe suite for over 10 years, I use Monday, Notion and Todoist for project management, Slack, Teams or Discord to exchange with you, Miro, Antidote, PureRef, Figma, Blender and many others... for the rest!
Do you design application or website interfaces?
Yes and no! To be more precise, I work on the user experience and the graphic spirit of your interface. To go into more detail, to develop this interface more precisely right up to the finished product, I don't work alone! We work as a team at Roquette Lab to fully support your digital experiences.
Do you manage printing?
Yes! I use my Roquette Lab studio to manage the printing of your communication media (paper, stand elements, goodies...). This way, you don't have to worry about finding a service provider, finding the right product, managing delivery times... However, I don't handle logistics at trade shows or game production.
Other services
Do you work in other fields than board games?
Yes! I specialize in board games, having worked in the field since 2018. However, I love challenges and fresh air! Contact me to discuss it.
Do you take photos?
Yes! For all your classic communication media, I produce product photo packages. For your other projects, I take creative photos, and I love it!
What's UX, experience design?
Experience design (UX design) is a user-centered approach. Starting from the user's needs and behaviors, the aim is to design ergonomic and intuitive solutions that offer a unique and remarkable experience. This applies to everything from the cover or back of a game box, to opening it, reading the rules, counting points and communicating the game... to the simple weights and sizes of a token.
What's a moodboard?
A moodboard is an assembly of visuals that captures the desired environment, style, colors and atmosphere of a project, helping to communicate and guide the visual aesthetic during the creative process.
Can't find the answer to your inquiry?
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